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Downtown Night of Style @ #Eventspace

Downtown Dallas is in the midst of a revitalization. This business epicenter is branching out and exploding with an escalation of retail store openings, hotel and office building renovations, and luxury apartments popping up to accommodate the influx of downtown residents.

Startups are moving in and setting the standard for a more casual work environment where employees are encouraged to express themselves through their individual style. Trendy, young professionals are beginning to outnumber the suits and shift dresses spotted on the streets. It is time to celebrate Dallas' fashion frenzy for an evening of fashion, food, and fun at Downtown's hot spot, #Eventspace.

We are focused on highlighting local Dallas boutiques and businesses. Our list of participants is growing, and includes:

Downtown Dallas, Inc.
The Barre Code Dallas - Design District
Guns N' Roses Boutique
Pink Toes Nail Bar & Spa
Drizly (online liquor store)
Model Revolt
Vertigo12 Hair Lounge & Collaborative
Spice In The City Catering
Nightlife Dallas
Laura's Events
Muse Lighting and Design

Produced, directed, & cut by Ale Bonilla
Director of Photography: Erika Laffin

Hair & Make up by Esoterica Studios
#GetTheLook 214-946-4247

KADL Skin Care Launch Party @ FUSE – Catering

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Another great event catered by Spice in the City and held at the Fuse Event Room! KADL launch party for skincare! We catered yucca fries with chipotle aioli, jicama/black bean/corn wonton cups with sambal ranch, lemon cheesecakes with candied lemon peel, raspberry cheesecakes, and fresh fruit with green tea ice cream! All menu items had ingredients that are in the skin care line!

Dallas Night of Style @ Alto 211

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Had an a amazing night tonight! Busy night at Spice in the City! Ended up delivering to the cast of Pippin! Also had an awesome time catering Dallas Night of Style at Alto 211. Have an amazing group of co-workers (catered curried chicken salad, potato samosas with mango chutney, smoked salmon on gluten free crackers, and mini mango lassi shooters! Had an amazing time tonight celebrating with ‪#‎SpiceintheCityDallas‬