“I live downtown in the Dallas Power & Light Bldg where Spice In The City is located and I’ve been enjoying many of the items on the menu since it opened. In speaking with owner/chef Navin, he also does meal plans, so I began purchasing 3-5 days worth of meals from him. This works great for my busy schedule since I routinely travel for work. I get great healthy meals that are freshly made and that fit my needs. I can pick them up on the day that I want and then I have them on hand for the next few days. So when I started planning to have my 50th birthday party, I knew I wanted Navin and Spice in the City to cater it for me. I wanted it to be a little different and have 4 or 5 unique appetizers. Navin was so helpful all along the way with helping me plan the event which included renting out the vacant restaurant/lounge in our building for the venue. It was a pleasure to work with him and I knew I didn’t have to worry and that the food would be awesome. The menu consisted of:

· Turkey Burger Sliders w/ Sweet Potato Fries · Mini Potato Samosas · Vegetable Dumplings · Grilled Chicken Satay · California Rolls

During the party last night all 30 of my guests commented on how delicious everything was and how impressed they were with the spread. Navin and his staff made sure everything was beautifully displayed and promptly refilled everything as needed throughout the night. My guests enjoyed taking home some of the leftovers. Needless to say, this ensured my party was a success!”

~ Chris P.

Chris P. // Dallas, Texas,


On behalf of the Downtown Resident Council I want to thank you for the amazing food from Spice in the City. People could not stop talking about that wonderful potato salad! We appreciate your support with our downtown events and hope that you see some new downtown faces in Spice In The City, soon.

Thanks again,
Nicole Oliver
Downtown Resident Council

Nicole Oliver // Downtown Dallas Resident Council,

Navin is the most thoughtful person to work with.  He thoroughly thinks through every step of your event with you. From which dishes will be best to serve to how to orient his staff for the flow of the venue, he is with you every step of the way.   Party goers can easily snack on his mouth watering bites, which are presented in clever ways so they are easy to eat and don't make a mess! My absolute favorite are the organic chicken curry salad on gluten-free crackers, everyone raved about them and couldn't get enough! Spice in the City is my go-to caterer for every event I will ever throw!

Abigail Coben // Dallas Fort Work,