I have been lamenting the lack of Indian delivery joints near downtown/deep ellum for the past four years. Finally, Spice in the City Dallas has come to save us all!!! They are located downtown, which typically means I have little motivation to dine there due to annoying parking and the zillions of hobos that accost me for any variety of reasons. But thankfully for all of us who don't live downtown, they DELIVER! Yaaaaaay!!! I always prefer to stuff my face with indian food in the privacy of my own home anyway, so this is ideal. You have the option of calling in your order or submitting it online. If you are sly, you can even find a link that garners you free delivery. TIGHT! The menu isn't huge, but neither is the place so I'm okay with that. I would basically take anything though, since I've been Indian food delivery starved for over 5 years now. I ordered the organic (not that there's a non-organic option) chicken tikka masala, which comes with rice and raita, a side of saag paneer and an order of the turkey dumplings. The dumplings are TINY, but they were tasty. Idk if I would order again since they cost about $6. You could feel the rough grind of the ground turkey while eating them. :/ The dipping sauce and spices were fantastic though. The paneer - such a tiny container, also. Literally maybe 2 oz. I should have known. The side only cost $2. Be forewarned. Despite the lack of size, it was also great. Mildly spicy though, so if you're a weak mouthed individual, you might want to steer clear of it. Finally, the chicken dish was also on point. The flavors were what you'd expect, and although most of the take away container was rice rather than chicken, there was enough chicken in there that I didn't feel cheated on the almost $10 price tag. Overall, I did feel like a giant when my order arrived in its dainty paper bag, but I will willingly lord over tiny towns if it means I can have delicious Indian food delivered to my house in under 45 minutes. Kudos to you Spice in the City Dallas - you have won my heart. I will be ordering from you again, and again, and again, and again!

Kaia V. via,

Spice In The City caters all of my events. Both in my home and at work. They prepare the most DELICIOUS and healthy presentations with a flare. I've used many caterers and none have been this professional or creative.

Ty Burgess // InDemand Interpreting,

So delicious! The grass-fed beef saag gosht is so tender, the tika masala spice is perfection, and the potato samosas with mango chutney are tiny bites of creamy heaven!

Liz Boydston,