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Meet Navin. Our Dietitian-Chef + Owner.

Meet Navin, our Dietitian-Chef + Owner. Navin, a Registered Dietitian with a passion for clean cooking, has combined his family's traditional Indian recipes with his American-born palette, to create some of the most-unique cuisine Dallas has to offer. His menu features traditional Indian favorites, some new fusion dishes and some of his family recipes (with his...
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MEAL PLANS: Photos of menu items

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First round of meal plans done this week - we made jalapeño artichoke chicken with roasted cauliflower, Asian chicken stir fry, tomato basil mozzarella chicken with balsamic Brussel sprouts, Lemmon pepper salmon/chicken with green beans and Parmesan cous cous, pesto gnocchi with nitrate free chicken sausage, Cajun salmon with red beans and rice and grilled veggies, and much more...

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SITC Meal Plans

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Productive day today! Meal plans sent out for the week...made organic chicken satay with pilaf and Thai crunch salad with mango dressing, organic turkey burgers with sweet potato fries, organic tagine chicken with pilaf and lemon tahini sauce and roasted vegetables, organic fajita chicken taco salad with bell peppers, corn, black beans, and pico de gallo with a roasted red pepper dressing, and much more.... ‪#‎SpiceintheCityDallas‬‪#‎SpiceintheCityMealPlans‬