Chew on This: Spice in the City

DALLAS – Big D is a good place to find labels, and maybe even love. But if you’re looking for a little spice, we know of a place to go. It’s Spice in the City Navin Hariprasad is a Dallas native and the owner of this trendy spot that specializes in Indian Cuisine. "Spice in the City has always been a dream of mine,” Hariprasad said. "I love fusion food, so my fusion recipes are things that are traditional recipes and converted into a more American fare." From Tikka Masala, with a savory tomato cream sauce, to cheese pakoras that pack a lot of punch, to garlic and ginger dumplings. Oh but there’s something you should know, this ain’t your regular Indian Cuisine. Chew on This, Navin is a registered dietitian, and most of the dishes he prepares are gluten free, with vegan and vegetarian options too. "I started working with Cardio Vascular patients, patients with congestive heart failure and I noticed a lot of them had a hard time being compliant with their diet, especially with a low sodium restriction,” Hariprasad said. “A lot of times they'd come into the hospital and they'd feel like being placed on a diet is really kinda of bland." Well, these dishes are anything but boring. So whether you want to sit down and enjoy your spice - or take it on the go - Spice in the City has your best interests, at heart.

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